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Info: Vertex Transmatic 3 Syn is a full synthetic premium quality automatic transmission recommended for use in vehicles where Dexron III is required. Vertex Transmatic 3 SYN is a very high viscosity index fluid containing superior additive technology. Vertex Transmatic 3 Syn is designed for use in : Vertex Transmatic 3 Syn is suitable for most power steering and hydraulic systems where the following specifications are nominated: Dexron/ II / III, SAE 10W, SAE 10W-20 or SAE 10W-30 engine oil. Vertex Transmatic 3 Syn is recommended for all automatic transmissions and powershifts as well as hydraulic systems for which the manufacturer recommends a DEXRON® III. Automatic gearboxes. Powershift transmissions. Hydraulic clutches - power-assisted steering systems. Vertex Transmatic 3 Syn provides the following benefits: Vertex Transmatic 3 Syn offers exceptional thermal stability and oxidation resistance, preventing the formation of deposits in immersed clutches. Very high cold fluidity and enhanced lubricity permitting jolt-free operation of the box without excessive slip, at all temperatures and all speeds. Vertex Transmatic 3 Syn contains friction properties especially adapted for the coating materials on clutches, brakes and the lock-up systems installed in modern gearboxes. Excellent compatibility with the joints; enhanced anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-foaming performances. Please consult our Lube Guide before use. Product Specifications: ALLISON C4 - FORD MERCON - DEXRON III - MB 236.6 - RENAULT DPO - VOITH H 55.633535

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