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There's something about DIY we can't resist. The temptation to do it ourselves. The determination not to pay some other guy our money for a job we're sure we could do ourselves. And the satisfaction of a job well done.

However DIY on a Motor Vehicle is not something you should do unless you have a good understanding of a Motor vehicle. All repairs replacement fitment of Parts should not be carried out without the advice from a qualified Motor Mechanic.

For example, Incorrect fitment of brake pads and rotors could cause your motor vehicle to not stop causing an accident , Incorrect fitment of electrical  parts can cause the failure of on board computers causing expense repairs.

In Time we will have access to the repair manuals for each car but in the meantime please carry out Fitment and repair under Motor Mechanic supervision as incorrect fitment repair can have catastrophic consequences.  

DIY Repair Information Disclaimer

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