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EVOLUTION 500 FTX 10W30 - 5L

EVOLUTION 500 FTX 10W30 - 5L

SKU: P100185
Info: API SN API CF ILSAC GF-4 : Elf Evolution 500 FTX 10W30 is a premium multi-grade motor oil using Elf mineral technology, intended for lubricating gasoline passenger car engines. Primarily designed for late model petrol engines, and those engines desiring more fuel economy. Elf Evolution 500 FTX 10W30 is designed for use in : Most petrol engines in cars and light vans. Premium multi-grade motor oil for diesel vehicles without DPF and direct injection. Designed for the latest high technology passenger car, MPV, pick-up and van with turbo, injection or multi-valve diesel engine. Suitable for all conditions (in town, on highways or motorways); Meets needs of motor manufacturers regarding increased fuel consumption.

Warranty Period: NONE
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