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SYN X 6000 5W/40 - SN/CF/BMWLL...

SYN X 6000 5W/40 - SN/CF/BMWLL/POR - 5L

SKU: P100432
Info: DESCRIPTION Gulf Western Syn-X 6000 is a full synthetic ultra high performance engine oil suitable for a wide range of modern and older vehicles using Petrol, Diesel and LPG fuels. Syn-X 6000 is an approved lubricant for BMW Long Life LL-04 and other demanding European, Japanese and American engine specifications listed below. Formulated to meet API SN technology, it carries the latest and most advanced grade in API additive technology. Ideal for use in turbo charged and supercharged engines and those fitted in high performance vehicles including race engines. SUMMARY OF BENEFITS Syn-X 5w40 offers: Synthetic formulation. Suitable for extended drain intervals. Latest API additive technology. Excellent soot and sludge control resulting in cleaner engines Reduces fuel consumption due to superior additive technology. Outstanding low temp viscometrics for reduced wear at start up. European / American Formulation. Extended component life. Excellent mixed fleet oil. Suitable for European, American and Japanese petrol engines

Warranty Period: NONE
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